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Danielle's career as a makeup and grooming artist started by accident more than 20 years ago, when she was an aspiring actor in living in New York City. Sadly, it took but a few pitiful attempts at stardom before she concluded that show business wasn't going to be her cup of tea. The glamour and excitement of "The industry", however, left quite an impression, and she became determined to find a way to continue to be a part of it. As it turned out, her solution would be as simple as harkening a few years back into her childhood.

Growing up in Virginia, Danielle would often hang out at her mother's hair salon. When the shop began selling makeup, she played with it every chance she got, mixing colors and arranging and rearranging the lipsticks and shadows. When she was 14, Danielle's mother gave her a book by famed fashion photographer Francesco Scavullo, which featured dramatic before and after photos. From that day on, she became obsessed with doing makeovers--making her friends sit for long hair and sessions, even requiring them to pose for "modeling" pictures wearing her mother's designer clothing.

Years later, when Danielle decided to give living in NYC a go, she was pleasantly suprised to find that her girlhood hobby could actually generate income. When her actor friends needed hair and makeup for their head shots she insisted they call on her. It wasn't long before she realized that her true calling entailed her working on the opposite side of the camera, using her skills to help make others look their best in front of it.

In 2000, Danielle was fortunate to be brought under the wing of world renowned makeup artist and entrepreneur, Bobbi Brown. For eight years, Danielle held a much coveted position on Bobbi's Beauty Team, doing makeup for Fashion Week and assisting Bobbi on various television and magazine shoots. In 2002, Danielle had the privilege of working on Bobbi's book, Beauty Evolution, for which she received a credit.

In 2005, Danielle struck out on her own, and has since enjoyed an enormously rewarding freelance career doing makeup and hair for Broadway show ads, television, magazine editorials, commercials, weddings, and various other projects. She's collaborated with many accomplished photographers such as Andrew Eccles, Jason Bell, Henry Leutwyler, Carlo Pieroni, Mary Ellen Mark, and Larry Fink. Recent projects have afforded her the opportunity to work with such high profile figures as Sting, Isabella Rossellini, Paul Rudd, Sir Ian McKellan, Cherry Jones, Tom Hanks, Tyne Daly, Al Pacino, James Earl Jones and The Rockettes.

At the end of the day, the personal element of her work is what Danielle finds most gratifying. She greatly enjoys the rapport she's able to build with her clients in the short span of time they spend together. But the icing on the cake is that she's been blessed with a career “playing makeup”, her favorite childhood pastime.

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